Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy p-day all! It is here again and it is much needed. This past week FLEW by and has been really great, I cannot believe that I have been gone an entire month now, everything is going so wonderfully!
Monday was so good. I don't remember what I had told you about it last week, but our district went on a hiking trip. It was beautiful and I have some fun pictures. I just remembered though, I FORGOT MY CORD AT THE APARTMENT. Woopsies. I will send them next week for sureeeee.

School is definitely about to begin again, I can feel it and see it on all of the kid's sad faces here. I hate when summer comes to an end, I totally feel their pain.  
SO, Monday we decided to stop by a ward member's home after our dinner appointment just randomly to give them an assignment and see how they were doing. We walk in and their little 4 year old daughter was SO excited to see us. She just kept saying, "missionaries, missionaries" and showing us all her toys and telling us everything that had gone on in her day. Her dad came into the room and was kind of confused looking. He goes "She kept saying that the two sister missionaries were coming over to see her tonight and we kept telling her that you weren't!" We answered her prayers, hahah! She was just the sweetest. One of the things she showed us was her pet rats. Yummm, Sister Stone was slightly scared to DEATH. Freaking out a little bit. Hahah it was so much fun and the rats were alright, besides their disgusting tails.

Tuesday I attended my first zone meeting. All of the missionaries in the Oregon City Zone attend this meeting, which consists of 2 districts. President and Sister Morby also attend this meeting. WE have been having a little friendly competition in our zone to see who can get the most new investigators in one week. The reward is this hideous stuffed monkey, dressed like Bob Marley, dreds and all. I don't know why that would be motivation, but it worked. Sister Stone and I won and now get to have sweet little Bob with us all week. I have a great portrait of us together, but yet again...I left my cord. 

After our zone meeting we had to drive all the way to Portland for Sister Stone to do some lab work for the doctor. That took up a lot of time, but we try and make the most of our doctor trips so it was a good old time!

That night we had dinner at a members family, which they are quite possibly my favorite family! They have 7 kids, I think, and live on a farm with baby goats. The kids are the best and just make me so, so, SO happy. I love being around them, they are so funny. 

After dinner we went out on ward splits and I taught my first lesson without Sister Stone. I went with a girl from the ward (she leaves for Brazil in a month to serve her mission), to teach the 72 year old adorable woman. We had so much fun and the lesson went so well! I love teaching, especially when the spirit is there. She is like a sponge too, she just absorbs EVERYTHING we teach her and loves applying it to her life. I seriously just adore her. And she kind of like us too. She had her granddaughter make us some journals of both of our home states. So, I got a journal from her with a cover from an old calendar of the New England states and Sister Stone got one of Zion's National Park. It was one of the most thoughtful gifts I have ever received. I love this woman! 

Also while there, she took us around on a tour of her thrift store findings from the past couple of days. Mom, she is worse than me! There was so much stuff. And she was thrilled with it all! Favorite find: her new cat in the hat baby doll. She is the greatest!

Wednesday we went out to lunch with one of our new investigators. She is 22 and so cool! I love spending time with her, she is always so fascinated with what we are doing here as missionaries and wants to know everything about everything we do! Then we went and did some service at a member's home. She is about to have her 2nd baby this month. The first is almost 18 months. She needed a lot of help getting the bedroom all prepped for the new baby! Her baby is so cute and legitimately the happiest baby I have ever met. 

Later, I got to meet an inactive family, finally. I have heard so much about this family and was finally able to meet them. They were awesome too! The mother is a member, but the rest of the family is not. They have 2 kids. They were SO funny and friendly and I loved visiting with them. 

Thursday our district likes to do district sports at 6:00 AM. We went the first week I was here and missed the next couple, so I really wanted to go today. I told Sister Stone to make sure and set the alarm and we could totally go. We didn't go again. Apparently, I slept through 4 alarms. I have never slept through alarms before in my life. I guess I was really tired. Sister Stone said that I didn't even move, just was out hard. This life is exhausting!!

Thursdays we do our weekly planning which takes about 3 hours! I had never really liked it much, but this week it was incredible! We started out by setting our goals for the upcoming week and Sister Stone and I feel so, SO great about what Heavenly Father has in store for our area. It was such an inspiring time, where we really just tried to decide what it was the Lord needs us to do, and then what we can do to accomplish it. 

I felt impressed that we should schedule an appointment with the family we met with on Wednesday on Monday to do a Family Home Evening with them. I guess that this had been tried time and time again and that they were not open to it. I gave them a call and asked the mother (the member) and she said, "Yes, that sounds like a great idea!" Sister Stone's mouth dropped. Hahah, we are so excited to meet with them. They have been prepared and are really ready!

Friday we had a Sister's Conference with all of the Sister missionaries in the mission. There are 40 of us now, when President first got here, there were only 12! SISTER POWER! It was a really great meeting and we learned a lot from both President and Sister Morby. I love them both so much they are the most loving people I have ever met!

The rest of the day, my companion went to the doctor, so I went on exchanges with the girl from my ward who is leaving to Brazil soon again! We went searching for someone's home to visit (couldn't find it anywhere) and then had a dinner appointment. It was a lot of fun! It is cool to switch up companions and get a little bit of a change every so often. She went to BYU too, lived just like two buildings away from me!

The second Saturday of every month we have SPC (I do not know what that stands fore), but it is a big meeting with our zone and stake presidency. They made us a big old delicious breakfast of waffles and then we discuss our wards and what the stake can do to help us. Our stake president, President Lundgreen is so incredible. I adore him and he is so into missionary work. He is great. 

A lady in one of the wards in our zone has a Hawaiian Shaved Ice business. She brought it to the meeting to give to all of the missionaries! She loved, loved Sister Stone and I . We are the only sisters in the zone, so we do get quite a bit of attention from everyone. We kind of love it! I have really cute pictures of this as well, SAD!!!! Oh ya, she also attacked our car with bags of cotton candy. As you know, I am kind of a cotton candy FREAK, so I was totally okay with this!

I need to go though! I love you allllll :) Keep up the good work. 

Sister Kerr

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