Thursday, September 5, 2013

The start of September.

there went yet another week. holy cow, i cannot believe how the time flies!

the work is slowing down now that the 78 year old woman has been baptized. We are only teaching one person right now consistently. so it is time to get to finding! last week sister stone and i did our weekly planning and during this process we pray about how many people are prepared to be baptized within the upcoming month. we prayed about it separately and then came together after to talk about it. i thought it was kind of crazy to look for such a specific answer, like an actual number, but i went along with it and prayed about it as well. it was the most inspired that i have ever felt. we came back together to discuss it and both felt like there were 6 people in our area who are prepared to have the gospel brought into their lives. which seemed like an obnoxiously large number compared to the baptisms that they have had here in the past. but, i now know, without a doubt in my mind that they are there, waiting for us to find them. and i know that heavenly father would only give us that answer if we are willing to act on the answer that we received. it is september 4th and so far we only have one investigator. i have faith that they are ready and close by - so it is time to find!

bishop carlson asked us to come into ward council and to teach the ward a little on the purpose of ward council and what they need to do to help us reach our goals. it was great, since i am still learning the process myself. nothing makes you learn quicker than having to stand up in front of 12 adults and teach them! bishop had asked us to share our goal with the ward council. i was very hesitant to do so. we had discussed it with him the night before, but i didn't want to just throw out a number to them that wouldn't mean as much to them as it did to sister stone and i, who had prayed very hard about it. i didn't know how to portray this to them in a way that kept it sacred and emphasized my firm belief in it and desire to achieve it. at the end of the ward council, bishop looked at me and asked me to share. slightly reluctantly, i began to recount the experience. i was so overcome by the spirit. even thinking back to that moment chokes me up and overwhelms me. heavenly father was there with me as i expressed sister stone and my own desire to teach and the urgency that we need to act in to find these people who have been prepared and are waiting to be taught. the whole ward council was in tears after and i honestly cannot remember all that i said. that is the first true time that i feel that i have been a mouthpiece for the lord. he needed the ward council to catch the vision of how they need to work and the spirit delivered through me. it was incredible and the whole ward is now buzzing with the excitement of missionary work. 

not a whole ton happened this past week, we are trying to find through our own efforts (knocking on doors, street contacting, contacting previous investigators), but to not so great results. there are a few promising return appointments, but not enough! i am so grateful that bishop allowed us to talk to the ward council, it was inspired timing as well. we really need help finding people to teach and it is through them that we will be able to!

it is hard not being completely busy with teaching all of the time, but we are trying ever so hard to be focused! things are only worth it if they are hard, so why would this work ever be easy?! anytime i start to get homesick i just remind myself that it is because of my family that i am out here. i want people to have the opportunity to be with their families forever. so there is no need to miss my family, i'll be with them for eternity! still happens sometimes though. 

monday was labor day and pday so we went and did some bowling with our district. it was this junker, hole in the wall alley that was probably 106 degrees inside. it was so hot and sweaty in there. i was a little whiny with my frequent line of, "It's hotttttttttt." Grandma Joyce will understand that and can do a pretty incredible rendition of it herself! also, i came in second place and broke a hundred! whattttt? then we went to our ward mission leader's home and played ping pong with him and his wife and son. it was so much fun. they are a wonderful family and let us stop by whenever, like really, WHENEVER. 

so tuesday sister stone had to have some testing done. well that meant that monday she had to fast all the day long AND take some laxatives that was funnnnnn! hahahaha, we had to stay up until 2 AM finishing up her doses, all i can say is that i am going to be a really good mom. also, i am now very good at the game phase 10. we played that once, or 10 times, who knows? then we were up at 5:40 to get ready to go to the doctor's office. it was a pretty interesting day, hahah, but we had a lot of fun! we truly have become friends and are like sisters - for real. it all made it worth it though when i saw sister morby the next day. she told me that she had spoken with sister stone's mom about the procedure and then she got all choked up and said, "she wanted me to thank you, sister kerr, for taking such good care of her daughter and being so loving and patient with her." i almost started to bawl! i am so grateful that i have gotten to be her companion and for the fun that we have had :)

i know this was a little scattered and disorganized, sorry. i was not in too huge of a writing mood today and i wanted to be sure to save time to send pictures! i love you all so much. i really, really, really do! please keep writing me, letters and emails are what keep me going! i appreciate all that each of you have taught me through your examples and supported me in so many different ways. love you to the moon and back again!

xoxoxox, Sister K

p.s. shout out to my Grandfather who is now 71 years old and still the best looking man around town, at least Altmar town :) Happy Birthday!

p.s.s. Happy Birthday to my little Kader-tot who will be 2 years old. xoxoxoxoxoxo and "hiawaka"

p.s.s.s. Hello to Miss Miraka, I hope you enjoy my home and family - they're pretty neat. Ed, ruin/enrich her with many, many youtube videos.

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