Tuesday, July 30, 2013

This is real.

Hello everyone from the beautiful area of Oregon City. Yes, it is true, I am a real life missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Hip-hip-HOORAY.

I left my cutsie little Missionary Training Center (MTC) life on Monday, 29 July at 4:30 AM. I hate early mornings, still. But, I have to admit, I was extremely excited to hit the road. Nervous, but excited! We loaded all of our belongings into a big, white, creepy truck and then loaded ourselves onto a big, blue, less creepy tour bus. The tour bus full of missionaries (there were about 4 that left at this time) dropped us off at the Salt Lake City airport to await our departing flights. Talk about a lot of parentless children, wandering around. Hahahaha, SO MANY MISSIONARIES. My companion and I were waiting for our luggage to arrive from the creepy truck, it was way behind and we started to worry that it would never show up. I made the joke that it was probably just some random guy who lived in Provo with a big moving truck, had parked it there and said "ELDERS AND SISTERS, feel free to put ALL of your EVERYTHING in here in my truck and I'll take care of it." And that he then continued on by driving away with thousands of pounds of clothes, shoes, makeup and who knows what else. That did not happen though, no worries. I freaked the girls in my district out though. Gosh, how funny would that have been if it had happened. 

Well, from there I got to go check in and then, I called my Mom and Dad. This made me so, so, so HAPPY. I loved hearing from them and getting to share a little snippet of my experience with them. I then traveled on up to the security line with my companion and stood next to the CUTEST little family with the CUTEST little kids. I looked over and one of the little daughters was grabbing her sister, shaking her and saying, "Look it's missionaries. MISSIONARIES." Then she started to point, smile and wave at the walking, talking, real-life missionaries. Holy hannah, I felt so important and cool. DREAM COME TRUE. 

So I had started to get a head cold that morning that we were traveling, just sneezing and stuffy nose and that good stuff. Gross, I know. I was that person on the plane that everyone hears sneeze and thinks, I and everyone else on this tiny little germ box officially hate you. Sorry. Well my ears were popping like crazy, typical plane stuff. But, on the way down they popped wicked bad, and never unpopped because of my recent sinus issue. Even after we landed, I could not hear out of my left ear. Greeeeeaaaaat. Now I get to be that annoying person who is talking WAY too loud because I can't even hear myself. Oh gosh, I love flying! It finally popped later at the transfer meeting, thank gosh.

I met my new training companion though. She is so awesome. She has been out for six months and has been training for the majority of it. Everyone I meet says, "Oh Sister Kerr, you have such a wonderful trainer. You will love her." Anddddddd, I do already. At the transfer meeting, all 30 of us new Portland missionaries had to sit up on the stand. All of the members who had drove missionaries to the meeting were sitting out in the pews looking up at us. Weirdest thing, I started to cry. I saw all of them and just felt so much love for them and wanted to bring all of their loved ones and friends in this area the happiness that we have. I could feel their love for us just radiating. 

We then went to drop my things off at our apartment in Oregon City. It is the cutest little city ever, nice country feel to it, but lots of people to teach really close! We had a dinner appointment at 6 PM with a family. MY FIRST CONTACT WITH REAL OREGONIANS. It was so much fun to be with them. The wife is a member, but the rest of her family is inactive in the church. They were so fun to be around though and I can't wait to see them again! We have a dinner appointment with someone in the ward, every single night. I never will need to make myself dinner! I am so impressed. 

Then we went and met with one of the investigators of the church. She is so incredibly sweet. She set a baptismal date for herself for the second week of October. I got to talk to her a lot and helped her to realize that she does not need to complete all of her trials on her own in order to be baptized. But, baptism will help her have the strength to endure them. Baptism and the gift of the Holy Ghost would help her so, so, so much. She is amazing, I cannot believe I love her so much already. 

We then went and met the Bishop. He is so amazing and so sweet. We sat on his back porch and popped green beans and talked about how my day went and the things he wants us to work on. He and his wife are so sweet. She came out with a plateful of chocolate chip coconut cookies for us to munch on while we talked. It was great, I really can't wait to work with them some more. 

It was bittersweet leaving the transfer meeting yesterday. I had to say goodbye to the elders and sisters from my district at the MTC. I had been with them 24/7 for 2 weeks. I miss them so much already! They were my support system, everything is all shook up again, but I have a great new companion and the most motivating job in the entire world. 

Oregon City is seriously though, the most adorable place I have ever been! I love it already. I love this gospel so much, and my love for missionary work continues to grow everyday that I am away. I love sharing my testimony with others. I want to bring others the happiness that I feel. SO HERE I COME. 

Love you bunches, 
Sister Kerr

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