Monday, July 15, 2013

the best 18 months FOR my life

Well the day has finally come. This evening I will be set apart as a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and will begin my journey to the Provo Missionary Training Center and then onward to Portland, Oregon. I am SO thrilled to start this adventure.

This will be my mission blog and will be updated by the one and only, Macey while I am away. On the sidebar there is a spot for you to enter your email address. Then, you will receive an email whenever my blog is updated. I know this is what you all want to do, so do not forget to do so! Also on the sidebar are my addresses, which will also be updated throughout the mission.

NOTE: If you are ever, and I mean EVER, considering to write me a note or a send me a long, beautiful letter, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, do it. I would love to hear from any and everyone of you while I am away. It really does not need to be special, just a little something will mean so very much to me! And, I promise to write you back. Who doesn't love pen palling?

I know that I have a loving Heavenly Father who has called me to this mission in Portland, Oregon. I know that He has a specific and beautiful plan for each and everyone of His children. I know that He loves all of His children more than we could every possibly imagine and that we each have a purpose here on earth. We have a loving brother, Jesus Christ, who made no mistakes, but was still willing to suffer for each of ours. Because of his sacrifice we each have the opportunity to return to our Father, who so desperately wants us to come home. I KNOW that the gospel of Jesus Christ can bring more happiness into our lives than ever thought possible.

I am so excited to share my testimony with His children in Oregon.

Love to all of you! See you in 18. 

-Sister Kerr

 {shoutout to my ma and pa, thanks for the best of everything}

 {to my siblings-i love you. thanks for being my best friends since forever}
*missing skydog, but he will be dropping me off at the MTC

{go forth with faith}

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