Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Greetings from the beautiful city of Aloha (ah-low-uh)! Transfers happened yesterday and I am now in Aloha training a wonderful new sister, Sister Dittmar. We are so excited to be here and to get to WORK.

Last week was the most wonderful way to ever leave an area! I will cherish, like really CHERISH my time in Oregon City. The people I taught there will always have a very special place in my heart and the members as well. I cannot wait to go back there again!

The last p-day of the transfer we do zone pday. so we all got together at the stake center and played sports, games and watched Ephraim's Rescue. It was a blast. Angelica, a member in 3rd ward, came to hangout with us and we had a great old time. She is so ridiculously funny, I can hardly take it! Then we went to the ward's Empty Nesters party for dinner and ate dinner out of a coffin by candlelight. The Colwell's fed us and they are WAY into Halloween, it was a lot of fun! Then we had our weekly FHE at the Conner's. Sister Conner taught about baptism, since Jennifer and Yahir's baptisms were this week. Then we made 25 invites for Yahir to handout to his friends at school. That boy is just the sweetest thing ever. I adore him and I am so excited for him to be baptized.

This morning we had another lesson with Kirsty, the woman from New Zealand. She started off by telling us that she isn't sure that she has a belief in God and that she doesn't know how there could be one true church and if there was, how she would know. As she was saying all this, my heart is racing because I just want to shout out, "pick me, pick me. THE RESTORATION!!!" So then, we taught the Restoration and about Joseph Smith and how he asked and received an answer. She felt the spirit, I know she did and she promised to pray. To really pray and to ask God for an answer. She expressed that she is afraid to pray because she is afraid she won't get an answer and she is afraid of acting on her answer, if she got it. I could relate to her! She is so wonderful and is really progressing well. She is such a sweetie, I really want her to come to church soon! 
Whenever we go to visit Ken he ends the lesson by giving whatever sister from the ward we brought with us, 3 hugs, "one for Sister Kerr, one for Sister Stone, and one for you!" I am going to miss that!

We had another lesson with the less-active family, the Greisen's. It went really well; we taught about our baptism covenants and the reason we take the sacrament. We invited them to come to church and they really seemed like they might, but they didn't! It's okay, success is measured by your invitations, not by how many people actually follow through!
We also had a lesson with Sharon tonight at Ellen's home. Ellen was one of our less-actives, who is now doing much better! I love her to death though and it has been the most incredible thing to see her progress and open up to this ward. It brings tears to my eyes even thinking about her progress! So, onto Sharon! Sharon was wonderful as usual. That woman just soaks the gospel up and is so prepared! She loves learning and is so excited about everything she is learning! Before we left, we told them transfers were this weekend. Ellen said, "You two are the BEST missionaries I have ever seen together. So in sync and loving and truly willing to work. I love your energy. You are the most Christian people I have ever met, you really act on what you teach." Ahhh, the most beautiful compliment i have ever received and I am SO grateful that I got to be apart of her journey!

Not a whole lot happened on Thursday. Yahir had his baptism interview, which was incredibly exciting! It is kind of nerve-racking because it is kind of a test on us to see how much we have taught them. But, he knew it all (not surprised, he is so smart)! 

Friday Sis. Stone and I taught the last district meeting of the transfer. We taught it on having faith in setting goals, which was a wonderful topic for us, considering all the miracles we have witnessed that have made our goals become a reality! It went so well, and I adore that sister missionary!
We went out to eat with Sis. Turner, the Spravzoff's and the past elder who is baptizing Jennifer! It was so much fun to be with all of them, kinda big last shabang! I LOVE OUR WARD.
Then to end the night, Jennifer was baptized! It was just splendid and the spirit was so stinkin' strong. A lot of member's from the ward showed up to support her, which was exactly what she needed.

This morning we went over to a potential's home and helped her paint it before she moves in! AND WE GOT TRANSFER CALLS. We were both asked if we would be willing to train, which is exciting news for both of us! So then I was like positive they would have me stay in OC, since that is where I am familiar. I had convinced myself that Sis. Stone was going since she had been here longer, so when I heard, "Sister Kerr, you're going car", I just started crying! I was terrified.
Then we had the incredible baptism of Yahir! It was a beautiful service with his family there. I cried through most of it, both happy and sad tears. Mostly happy though to see him be baptized and make this HUGE first step. But, also sad that Alondra had decided to wait and now I am leaving! I WILL be there for her baptism though!

I got about 25 cards at church from the most wonderful members on earth all wishing me the best! I needed that. It was a beautiful day. And Serena, who is leaving on her mission next week gave her farewell talk. I am so happy I got to be there for it!
The rest of the day was spent saying goodbye to people and promising to be back!

transfer day! the Spravzoff's drove us down to transfers. We had a trainer's meeting at 11:30, then transfers at 3. I got to meet my new missionary. Her name is Sister Dittmar and she is from San Antonio (Whitney!). We are so excited to serve in Aloha together as the new, long-awaited set of sisters! 

I am missing everyone from both home and Oregon City now! It is like my home just keeps extending and I am finding people I love everywhere. The work is going to be good and I am going to love my new investigators here as much as anyone! The church will be just as true here as anywhere else, and they will need it! 

I love you all so much, keep being missionaries and being examples. I am spending the rest of the day writing back those I have not written! Sorrrrrry. Love you, xoxoxoxox

Sister Kerr

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