Tuesday, October 8, 2013

playing chicken foot.

Hello from the beautiful oregon city! what a week it has been, this one has been a roller coaster for me and i am SO incredibly grateful for the prayers and support that i have from you, i have needed it! you are always in my thoughts and my prayers! one thing i have learned out here is that emotions are just so much more extreme - the good is SO good and the bad is SO blehhhhhhh, and add in there that I am a girl and it can kind of get a little bit crazy, but i am loving every minute of being here, even the bleh moments. because the good moments make everything so worth it!

first off.
//HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO SKYLER AND AMELIA KERR! i love you two so much and hope that you have a splendid week and eat lots of cake and send me a picture of little rosie eating some of it too :) and a letter would be nice!
//sorry to whitney and macey for scolding you for not writing me, two of your letters were lost in the mail and i got them this past week! love you. macey wrote in there, "we just got this letter returned to us, you probably think we don't love you." you can be darn sure that's what i thought! but, i got them now, so that is all that matters.
//mom, once again you continue to send me talks like an inspired, spiritual genius, right when i need them! thank you :)
//addey, i'm sorry my letter took so long to get to you, I DO LOVE YOU. and i loved your letter <3 you are in my prayers little seester, wish i could be there to take care of you like you took care of me when i was broken! are you letting people sign your cast?
//daddy, i loved your email this past week. i ALWAYS look forward to your letters and hearing about what is going on! they make me SO happy.
//gma and gpa! i heard you are moving, wish i was there to help out in the move, but then again, i would probably drive gma insane with my complaints of it being too hot. and who knows? i would probably assume we were there when in reality we would be just stopping at a dump station ;) please tell me you remember that, or else that sounds SO bad!
//KYLE COPELAND. you are home and are my hero! i love you so much and am so happpy that you and your sweet little family (that i love a ton) are all back together. xoxoxooxxooxoxox (share that with the whole copeland crew)

okay, let's see how much of this week i can sum up!

so for p-day last week we went over to a sister in the ward's home. she is from brazil and has been wanting us to come over and make food with her! it was so much fun and we made a whole ton of delicious food! i can totally make it when i get home. i am getting a variety of stuff even if i am in oregon! she has a 4 year old son who is so stinkin' funny! he kept dragging me around by the hand to show me everything, EVERYTHING. he took me into the backyard and said, "come see where the cat poop is." hahaha, so literally everything, no thanks, bud. 

then we went to our assistant ward mission leaders' home for a family home evening night with alondra and yahir! it was so, so good. sis. conner taught a lesson on grace that was just perfect. alondra and yahir are SO smart when it comes to the gospel. i know that i have said this before, but it truly is like these things are just coming back as a remembrance to them! yahir cannot say my name, he calls me Seester Keer, i try not to laugh anymore, but it is just so cute! i don't know if i told you this last time, but at church last week, yahir threw his leg over the bench in front of us and rolled on over so that he could get to primary quicker. and right before that, he had come back from the bathroom and crawled under the bench to sit by us again. this kid just makes my day, every time we are with him! at the end of the night, i had them pull up whitney's video so that they could all see, EVERYone was bawling. you have a special family, whitney copeland, that pulls at a lot of people's heartstrings!

tuesday morning we had a lesson with a gal named, kirsty. she is from new zealand! {S/O TO SISTER FREEMAN! ya, so her mother lives back in NZ on the river that they shoot on for one of the scenes in LOTR. holy cow, i was freaking! and sis. stone has never seen LOTR?! p.s. i don't know if i have expressed this enough, but so you all know, I LOVE SISTER STONE. we are so afraid of being split up, but we already have a bucket list to complete together after the mission!!}  ok, back to kirsty! so she had a best friend who served a mission, and would do church things with her, then she moved here and has never really pursued the church. she was in our area book as a potential so we set up an appointment to go and meet with her. we went and taught about the book of mormon and really got to know her. she is so sweet and a lot of fun! we go back again tomorrow! she said she is not interested in joining the church, but is interested in learning more! BINGO.

for lunch we went to taco del mar because we had a gift card from one of our members. i ordered and then noticed this lady standing right near us. sis. stone asked her if we had cut her and began to apologize. the lady said, "no! i just want to pay for your lunch." so sweet, she was related to one of the members in our ward and said she doesn't ever get to feed the missionaries where she lives and really wanted to pay for our food. it was so thoughtful! people love missionaries, which is good, because i NEED to feel loved sometimes!

we had dinner with one of our members named melissa and her family. afterwards i taught the wonderful game of CHICKEN FOOT. her kids are so funny and i of course won, because i am a pro at that game. it made me excited to play with the whole family again!

we went over to alondra's to have a lesson and sat down to the table to do some chattin! then the topic of homework came up, from her mother, of course! she hadn't done it yet, so i was assigned as the math tutor for the night. good thing i know how to use a textbook, because i could not remember that stinkin' freshman math! it was so fun to be with their family, sittin' around the table doing homework, listening to sis. stone try and learn spanish. hahah, so funny!

our less active, bro bruce accepted an invitation to conference and then to church the following week - FINALLY! it was so fulfilling!

then, we had a lesson with a new investigator, sharon! she is wonderful and very excited to learn more about the gospel! we meet with her at our bishop's parents' home. they are so stinkin' hilarious and kind of remind me of gma and gpa pence! last time we met there, they set us up in the living room and left, then we couldn't find them after! this time, we asked them to stay and the man, was complaining that it felt like relief society with all these women. we told him he could leave if he wanted, his wife glared at us and said, "no he can't he is staying right here!"

thursday we got to go to the portland temple and do a sesssion! it was gorgeous and so nice to be there. it was so strange to go without anyone of my family! the spirit is always strong though. the temple really reemphasized to me this time the importance of family! 

we went and played games with a less-active and her family tonight. the 4 year old son was playing a star wars video game and he asked me to come help. i told him i am terrible at video games and said, "do i look like i would be good at star wars?!" he very seriously said, "yes, sister kerr, you look like a jedi!"  iilove that compliment!

i cant remember! and i am almost out of time!

we watched conference with the spravzoff's today and had a blast! i love their family so much and just feel so at home over with them!
(This was conference weekend)

then we had a lesson with jennifer and sis. conner came with us. it was really good and we were able to plan for her baptism which is on the 18th! we are so excited. she opened up a lot to us and is really excited for this next step in her life. 

conference was so good! we watched it with the conner's and alondra and yahir came too! it was so fun and as always, very uplifting! :)

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