Wednesday, December 4, 2013

count those blessings!

Well aloha family! HAPPY THANKSGIVING from the wild, wild west!

This morning was wicked interesting in the worst way (I may be a little dramatic). Sister Dittmar and I left to come to the Family History Center to email. We are the only ones in the zone with a key, so we tend to go right at ten so anyone else who wants to come can get in. We unlock the door, come in, turn all of the computers on, take our coats off, and lay everything we possess, EVERYTHING down. Then I decide to use the restroom while everything is loading, so we head to the bathroom. We come back from the bathroom and we are locked out. I am going to cry even thinking back on it, it is not quite funny yet! All of everything is in there, our phone, the keys - to both the FHC and our car - and we are alone, with no phone numbers. Worst morning of my mission so far! So we sit down, having not a stinkin' clue what to do. A few minutes later the elders in our ward showed up, hallelujah! We used their phone and tried calling people. No one answered except some other missionaries who then called around to find a key in the stake. An hour later, after being stranded by our own stupidity, we were saved by a saint, a sweet old lady with a key showed up. I am never letting go of our keys again. EVER.

mom- i about died reading the story of you and the drill at the elementary school. that is the funniest/sweetest/most heroic/julie-est thing ever. i just LOVE you.
dad- i love your email, please don't leave me hanging for so long this week! keep me busy with your news from home! i keep seeing piles of wood and thinking, "that sure is some nice firewood. we should hurry and stack that up!"
whitney- i am alive and got your letter! thank you pretty girl. i love the pictures!
grandma- i am definitely more motivated to plant those seeds. THANK YOU!

Like I previously mentioned, we were over an hour late to email. So now there are several missionaries waiting for a computer and since this is all kind of my fault (embarassing), this will probably be short. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I'll just list my blessings this week!

1// Sister Acosta (my mission version of Whitney) took us shopping and I found a great deal on a winter coat. It is so cold here now <---- that is a blessing now though, because i have a cute coat!
2// Our dinner appointment sent us home with a container full of cream puffs.
3// Alex read from the scriptures for us and totally remembered what faith and repentance mean and how they can help us. 
4// Olivia leaned over right after and asked me if she could read one! We did the cute little primary program version where I whisper to her and she says it out loud. Then she told us about her prayers. She is too cute.
5// exchanges!! my first experience with exchanges and I loved it so much. Sister Pauga came to Aloha with me for the night. This was really, incredibly helpful and came at a time that I really needed it. Sister Pauga is from Australia and only has one week left on her mission, so obviously she knows a lot about being a missionary and her perspective was exactly what I needed! She helped me to realize the blessing that my mission is being to my family and friends at home. Even if I don't see a lot of fruits from my labor here, I know it is effecting you all at home. I know that now, thanks to my sister training leader. I am excited for another exchange.
6// We helped the youth make angel dolls for a children's hospital!
7// Heidi had a really rough day, and we followed a prompting and showed up when she needed us to! Two days after being baptized, she realized all on her own that she could call a priesthood holder and ask for a blessing. This lady blows my mind, I am so happy for her!
8// Mandy made us cinnamon rolls and hot cocoa and we had a premature Christmas party! Set up the tree and all and we each have our own stocking :)
9// Joined the enrichment dinner and three people we are working with came! woooohooooooo.
10// we did family history work with Heidi and are finding names for her to take to the temple! I also got to do some of my own and found a name that needs work at the temple, so super exciting! Go do it dad!
11// We contacted a referral from one of our members and she let us in and let us teach the restoration! i love teaching. we just need more people to teach!
12// We visited on the phone with Janelle again and I was so nervous, but it went so well. She accepted to read the Book of Mormon, if we would answer any questions she has. DONE! I am excited for her, she really is a very sweet girl!
13// got a letter from my dear, sweet grandmother on the very day that it was needed. Thanks for following that prompting Grandma!
14// Claudia was interviewed for baptism and is all ready to go on Saturday the 30th at 11am! Or 2pm for you eastcoasters :)
15// Fulfilled our goal to go the visitor's center again this week! With the Kavanaugh Family. They are great!
16// I impressed a 4 year old with my skills of remembering the powder puff girls. We both like Bubbles!

It was a great week! The holidays are hard, but it is a darn good thing I love being a missionary so much, because it is worth it! Please keep Sister Dittmar and I in your prayers this week. I love you all! I think you said the elders in Pulaski are coming for Thanksgiving, super jealous! Tell them to enjoy it, Thanksgiving is my favorite! Love, love, love you.

xoxoxo, Sister Kerr

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