Monday, February 3, 2014

#missionmomstatus - minivan and all!

Hello, hello! It was a dang, stinkin' good week. My goodness, I love my mission so much! I don't want it to end!!!

This week we started teaching 3 new people about the gospel! It has been simply incredible. I have never experienced such amazing things on my mission as I have here, this transfer. Goodness, I love this area, my companions, the people we are working with and all the miracles! This companionship is just great and I sure am loving it!

One of the new people we started teaching is the wife of a less-active member. We have been trying and trying to start teaching her, but her husband always has some type of excuse. So, while in the area that day, we needed to find a bathroom to use, they were a perfect candidate! Sister Lyons went into this tiny little bathroom, where the cat was cooped up. She is allergic to cats. Haha, it was so funny, she came out just dying! BUT, the woman agreed to letting us come back and teach her about the Book of Mormon. We offered her a copy and she was very excited and said she had a copy in the past, but looks forward to reading it now that she is an adult. YAY! Going to the source is always the best choice!

Oh ya! The Aloha 2nd ward just got a senior couple to serve in our ward, the Bushman's! They are so sweet and it is going to be so fun to have a 3rd set in the ward. Can you believe that? 7 missionaries in the Aloha 2nd ward. Madness, but so amazing! They are from Montana and this is their first area, they are very thrilled to be here. Mom and Dad, you NEED to serve a mission, you would be so awesome at it!

This week we taught so many people about the importance of church attendance and the reasons we join the church to begin with. Man, I always learn so much while we are in lessons. After all of these lessons, the people we were teaching came away so much more committed to coming to church. It was INCREDIBLE. It truly was the most exciting feeling. Of course, they didn't all come, but they understand it a whole lot better and we are working with them in the right direction though. I learned how important and what a beautiful blessing the Sabbath day is. God has given us EVERYTHING. And once a week, we get to give him 24 hours. It is so cool to me, how did I ever dread Sundays? It is one of the very few things that we can give Heavenly Father. Right now of course, I am able to give Him 18 months straight, but it is so comforting to know that even when I go home, I will still have the opportunity to give Him one whole day a week. It is really exciting, because the more valuable things we give up on that day, the greater sacrifice we are giving to our Father in Heaven. I read this cool scripture in Alma 25. It said, "Now they did not suppose that salvation came by the law of Moses; but the law of Moses did serve to strengthen their faith in Christ; and thus they did retain a hope through faith, unto eternal salvation, relying upon the spirit of prophecy, which spake of those things to come."   I thought this was so cool. The law of Moses teaches sacrifice and this chapter explains that sacrifice serves to strengthen our faith! Our weekly sacrifice of time to our Heavenly Father WILL strengthen our faith! Like one of our hymns says, "sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven," it is true!

Our car was having some ISSUES this week, so we took it in early on Thursday morning to be fixed. We were expecting to pick it up that evening after dinner. Come to find out, Ford had called the elder in charge of the cars, rather than us and told him the update on it. It was going to need to be in for a week to be fixed. I don't know why neither of them felt the need to tell US this, but as far as we knew, we were car-less for a week. Greatttt. I love to hear that. So we had a full walking proselyting day, which was actually really fun, it just took very careful planning! Then, we talked to President Morby and he said he would bring by bikes in the morning. WE WERE GOING ON BIKE. Holy goodness, you would not believe how excited we were! Haha, all three of us, in skirts, biking in a row in the city of Aloha! It was going to be a blast. So we went to bed that night, dreaming of biking and preparing for it. Then in the morning, President called and said he had arranged for us to have a car. We were pretty bummed, but it actually is a miracle, because it has been raining ever since we dropped the car off! Our zone leaders (who laughed obnoxiously at us when they heard we were going on bike) dropped off their car for us. They are now driving the only available car in the mission - a 12 seater, white van. I am fairly certain they look pretty darn creepy! Haha, and I forgot to mention that we are now the proud drivers of a MINIVAN. Woot woot. It is a party over here in Aloha :)
I got my wonderful, long-awaited birthday package from home today! It was the best thing ever at the best time ever! I love you all so much, thank you for all the time you put into it and the love that I feel from it. I just love you so much! Everyone, please know that I am being SO blessed out here on my mission, and I know that it is because of the prayers and support from you all. I love you so much. I love being a missionary SO much. I love the people I am working with SO much. And I love my Heavenly Father sososososo much! 

xoxoxo, Sister Kerr <3

p.s. I know these get more and more scattered every week! Hahah, it is SO hard to sit down and focus on this, I am trying though! I hope you still enjoy it :D

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