Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Transfer # 6!

Hello, hello! Welcome into the sixth transfer of my mission. It is a
party here in Aloha and I am still loving it! ALL of it. This transfer
brought in some change. The trio has been abandoned and we are now
down to a duo to finish out Sister Porter's training. First time in 3
months that I've been in a normal two people companionship. I feel
like a mom who lost one of her babies! There is SO much more room in
the bedroom now though, it is quite incredible.

I don't have a whole lot of time to email today and that is for very
selfish reasons...I am starving. So, onto the highlights of the week!

highlight number one. Jeni. We met with a woman today that had been
all set for baptism one year ago, but then it never went through. So
we met with her tonight for the first time and it was AWESOME! She is
so, so sweet and she has a burning testimony of the gospel of Jesus
Christ, the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith as a modern-day prophet.
She amazes me! I love hearing other people's journey through life and
seeing how much they have grown and learned. It always fascinates me!
I am so excited to continue meeting with her and and learning!

highlight number two. Ashley. Ashley is one of the members of the ward
we work with. Her husband works at a food warehouse. When we went over
this week, there was a ginormous cardboard box filled with heaven,
aka, Oreo's. She then sent us home with bundles and bundles of cakes,
breads, jerky and cookies! Haha, it is a common misconception that
missionaries are starving. And since everyone thinks that, we have
oodles of food! Hallelujah. Besides the food though, Ashley is doing
great. She is beginning to see how the Atonement of Jesus Christ can
help her personally. That is a huge thing to learn. I did not learn
what that truly meant until I was out here and was forced to learn it.
It has been the biggest blessing in my life though. I love more than
anything, knowing that I have my Savior Jesus Christ always there
beside me. I love thinking about how He is the ONLY person on earth
who understands how I feel. And He is  the only one who understands
how Ashley feels. Even though I love her so much, that can't do
anything to help her, without the Atonement! He knows each of us
perfectly, how beautiful!

highlight number three. Training meeting. We had a meeting with all of
the trainers and trainees in the mission and we talked about stress!
And how to deal with it, since stress really is healthy, IF dealt with
correctly. So, President Morby starts asking for examples of stress we
feel. My two companions start expressing their stresses to me. Sister
Lyons: "I am stressed out of my mind while trying to fall asleep
because I am terrified the top bunk is going to fall through and kill
me at night!" (this has almost happened 6 times!) Sister Porter: "I am
so afraid that I am going to kill my first companion. And then I can't
finish my mission." Me: Laughing so hard because my bed is on the
other side of the room and I sleep like an angel. I love my
companions! They are exactly who I need to be with!

highlight number four. Had a rocking impromptu lesson with a member we
have been working with. We had an entire lesson planned, then had to
change it completely to meet her needs and it was amazing. She is
going to do so well, I know it! I know that was vague, but my stomach
is eating itself!

highlight number five. WE HAD ANOTHER LESSON WITH CYNTHIA! We taught
the Restoration to her and she LOVED it. Like really loved it. She
felt the spirit so strongly and totally recognized that it was the
spirit. She kept saying, "I feel so good, I love it! I am speechless!"
It was beautifully done. I am so grateful the spirit is the teacher,
not us!

highlight number six. The unBirthday party. So after my amazing
birthday parties, put on by both Mom and the Heslop's, everyone else
was super jealous! We decided to have an unBirthday party for everyone
else's birthday that we would miss. It was the best idea ever! We had
a huge Chinese food buffet and a giant ice cream cake. Mmmmm. It was
so good and so fun! The Heslop's whole family was there and it was a

It was another beautiful week in Oregon! Sister Porter and I have some
big goals set for this transfer and we can't wait to see them be
fulfilled! We are working hard here and loving every second of it. I
love you all so much.

xoxo, Sister Kerr

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