Sunday, March 9, 2014

Here's another week in the life of Sister Kensey Kerr.

Hello! It has been another fabulous week here in Aloha. The work is
going so well and I am so happy here. I will share some of the
highlights of this week :)

This week I learned a very valuable lesson for a missionary to learn.
I figured out that it is our job to assist and help people on their
path to change, but not to fix it. I have realized that I am such a
fixer. I just want to solve all the solutions and move on from the
situation. But here, everything is out of my control. I can't "just
fix" all these people's lives and then be done, but I have to help
them to see how our Savior can help us each in our lives to overcome
our challenges. Our role is to bring relief and comfort, when we can
remove their troubles. That's a hard lesson to learn because that
means what I am doing is darn near immeasurable. I am the type of
person that really appreciates seeing tangible results, that isn't
missionary work! I'm assuming this will be a lesson that I will use
the rest of my life, glad to learn it now :)

The Heslop's had their grandsons here to stay while their mom was out
of town, so the sister missionaries were booted out. It was actually a
lot of fun to go have a slumber party at a different ward members
home. Sister Shaw is single and made us the most wonderful, big, comfy
beds to stay in for three nights. It was so thoughtful. I have met so
many service-oriented people who are just so willing to open up and
share with others! Reminds me of good old Mama Kerr :) I have also
learned another valuable lesson on my mission. I strongly dislike dogs
and cats. They are ridiculous! They're disgusting, so much work and a
lot of the times just a nuisance. This woman had the creepiest cat
ever that would follow me around in the mornings and whenever I
stopped walking it would come sit on my feet. Ugh, it was gross.

Our 8 year old investigator let us come back and have another lesson
this week! It had been a few weeks since we had done the first lesson,
so we planned to review it. At the beginning, she told is she didn't
remember anything we taught her, so we went over it all...she totally
remembered it ALL! I love teaching kids, they are like sponges and
they just always make sure to make us feel loved! The next day we want
back and had a lesson with her mother. It was so awesome. They both
are really thinking about baptism. The mom said she actually finds
herself thinking about it quite a bit. They LOVE the Book of Mormon
and read it every night and pray together. We committed them to
praying specifically about if they should be baptized. I am, so excited
for them. They are an awesome family! We had an amazing member join us
for that lesson, it helped so much and they formed a pretty quick
friendship. I love when things work out how God wants them too.

Guess what. We have two people with a baptism date! Holy goodness, we
are so excited! They will be getting baptized in April, when her
family can come into town for it. They are so excited. It has been
incredible watching this family progress. I wish you all could be here
with me to watch and enjoy all of these people I am meeting!

We had another incredible lesson with our 13 year old investigator!
She THE most inquisitive and mature teenager I have ever met. This
amazing girl is such a sincere seeker of truth. She asks the most
awesome questions and is so appreciative of the answers we give and
the answers the Book of Mormon gives. She has been praying daily and
she shared a lame awesome experiences with us that she has had to
bring her closer to Heavenly Father and bring more peace and comfort
into her life. She can't wait to keep learning and she accepted an
invitation to be baptized. She is praying to know if she should :)

We started teaching a new woman this week who probably in her fifties.
Her daughter lives in Louisiana and has a husband and four sons. They
were all baptized in October. The mother, the one we're teaching now
just went and visited them recently and saw something much different
in them. She is very curious to know what caused this change in her
daughter's family. Ah ah, it's the gospel of Jesus Christ! She had a
lot of misconceptions about the Book of Mormon and so far that is her
biggest hang up. Alas, we explained them all and explained that she
can come to know if the book is true herself. She took us up on the
promise given in Moroni and is going to read and pray. She very
happily set up a return appointment, and was trying to get off work to
come to church the very next day.

It was a good week. I know that because by the time I got into my bed
on Saturday night, my face muscles were beyond sore from smiling so
big and so sincerely for so long! If that's my biggest complaint, life
is pretty darn good.

I love you all. SO MUCH. I appreciate all you do for me and all you do
to serve those around you. I know we are here to support and love one
another, keep it up! Read and pray, I know our Father will answer you,
no matter how small of a prayer it may be. Happy thoughts are being
sent your way everyday.

Sister Kensey Kerr

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