Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Another starting line!

Hi family, from the new area of Oak Hills! I was of course, so very
sad to leave Aloha and Sister Porter and all of the people we were
teaching there, but I am excited about this opportunity to begin again
in a new area with new people to meet and come to love. My new
companion is Sister Benson. She is from Mapleton, Utah and has only 2
transfers left on her mission. She has 2 brothers and 4 sisters. One
of her sisters is on her mission in Arkansas right now and one of her
brothers is in Oklahoma on his! I love these mission serving families,
I think it is beyond cool. They are so blessed to have each other to
relate to throughout this time! I am so grateful to have Skyler who
served his mission to talk to, and soon Macey too! I was called as a
Sister Training Leader this transfer and she will be training me here
in this area before she goes home. President and Sister Morby are in
my ward here now and that is so exciting to me! We are teaching a
lesson in their home on Thursday to a returning member. Haha, we are
SO lucky! I will most likely be the sister here welcoming in the new
mission president and his family, since Sister Benson and the Morby's
all go home together in June. I feel so incredibly blessed to have yet
another opportunity to serve the Lord with all of my heart and to be
surrounded by so many amazing examples and influential people. I feel
pretty nervous and very intimidated by this call, but am humbled that
Heavenly Father has some plan for me to help the sisters here in the
Oregon Portland Mission and the people here in the Oak Hills area.

It was such a great week to end off on in Aloha 2nd Ward. Sister
Porter and I had a wonderful week and were able to teach several
lessons and really see the people we are teaching PROGRESS. Oh, it
felt just wonderful! I know that I will be going back to Aloha a lot
to see these people be baptized and make those sacred covenants with
God that make it possible for them to return to live with Him again.
Seeing others make these important changes in their lives always helps
me to realize and better understand the changes in myself. I become so
attached to these people because they come to embrace and we share the
MOST important aspects of life together. We grow together and really
share tender and special experiences together, coming to know of
Heavenly Father's love for us.

One of my favorite miraculous moments this week was on Wednesday. We
went over to say hello to Juana, who was baptized back in January. We
walked in the door and her little 6 year old daughter, Olivia runs up
and gives us hugs and then introduces us to her little friend, Ariana.
Right taking off, Ariana started asking us questions about the Book of
Mormon and prophets. On the spot, we got to teach an awesome lesson
about prophets and the Book of Mormon with a member there with us! We
invited her to come to conference with us and she begged us to come to
her house and teach both her and her Grandma! We found some new people
to teach. It was amazing and we truly were led there to find her and
her family. I am so excited to hear from Sister Porter how it all goes
with them!

Both of our new investigators from last week, Mary and Barb, accepted
the invitation to be baptized. A date has not been set, but they have
both agreed that if they come to know the Book of Mormon is true and
Joseph Smith was a prophet, then they will be baptized! This was a
major step for the both of them, since neither wanted to be baptized
INTO a church. The spirit was so strong in their lessons and it truly
strengthened my testimony to know that Heavenly Father is there with
us in our lessons, guiding us! Shauntah and Alexis are both really
working hard to know if and when they should be baptized. Please pray
for these women, I love them so much and feel so distant from them
now. I KNOW that Sister Porter and her new companion, Sister Harris
are there at the exact time that Heavenly Father needs them, to help
these people progress the way they need to.

Conference was amazing of course. I loved it so much. It was such a
blessing to hear the words of God through His servants. I felt so
uplifted and strengthened from it. I loved that the overall message
was to love, lift and help one another. What a beautiful and joyous
message that was to hear. I know that Heavenly Father loves us each
and if we profess to love Him, then we need to show that love in
selfless service towards others!

I am so excited for the new opportunities that lie ahead here!
Transfers mean change and change is good for me! I am excited for a
new companion and new people to teach. With this new call, we go on
exchanges a lot to help the other sisters - I cannot wait to come to
know the sisters better and really come to LOVE them and serve them
and help them to grow and improve. I know that it will help me so
much! I love having a trainer again and learning with Sister Benson.
She is such a sweet sister and I know that we will have a lot of fun
together. I am now serving in the Oak Hills ward with Sister Benson! This is the
ward that President and Sister Morby live in. How cool? We are Sister
Training Leaders here and are over 5 companionship's of sisters in the
mission. I am really excited and know that this is what will push me
and force me to become better! Sister Benson goes home in June with
President and Sister Morby, so I will be the sister here in the area
when the new mission president, President Ballard comes into the
mission with his family! This put a total twist on my mission that I
was not expecting!

I love you all dearly! Thank you for your love and prayers, I draw
strength from you daily. Please be safe and know that I really do love
you so very much. Remember to read your scriptures and pray daily,
Heavenly Father is there and will listen and direct your paths.

xoxox, Sister Kerr <3
{Sister Porter and I at the Oregon Zoo}

 {Shauntah and Alexis}

{Sister Benson and I}

{The beautiful Portland!}

{Jessica! My Oregon version of Whitney and one of my best friends!}

{Cute little gals.}

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