Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I am alive and well.

Hello my dear, sweet family! 

This week has been an absolute adventure; full of joy and tears and every other emotion you could think of. Change sure is draining! As you know, this week was Sister Benson's last, so we were very sad about that. Sister Benson is one of my closest friends in a very sisterly way! I loved serving with her and became so close and comfortable around her that I finally felt like I was with my sissies again, Whitney, Macey, Addey and Amelia; it felt like heaven! She helped me in so many ways and was such a blessing to me, I know God planned for us to serve together and help each other to progress and grow even more. I adore her! I am so very thankful that God works through us, imperfect people to help each other. I know He guides us and blesses us with miraculous people to bless our lives. Don't miss all you can learn from the people in your life right now!

Yesterday was the transfer meeting. Have I ever described this process to you? So, basically on the Saturday before the transfer you get a call from your zone leaders. If you are being transferred they will talk to you and say, "Elder or Sister, you are going car or bike." And that's pretty much it. Then you hurry and pack up, say your goodbyes and prep for the meetingon MondayOn Monday, every companionship who got that call shows up at the Lake Oswego Stake Center with their belongings. We go into the chapel and everyone sits on the two rows of outside pews, leaving the center block completely open. It looks very bizarre! But, then there is a slideshow that they put up on the big projector to announce your new area and your new companion. Talk about a stressful and nerve-racking environment. Anyways, then you wait patiently for your name and picture to pop up on the big screen next to your new companion's name and face. So, yesterday, Sister Benson are sitting in our seats having hardcore anxiety problems and nearly in tears because she is leaving. We are just holding onto each other for dear life! Finally, my name popped up with Sister Berret's! (She was who we guessed would come be with me!) I finally felt peace as I stood up, hugged her and walked over to the middle pews to sit! Yeah, so everyone moves into the middle rows once they have a new companion. Then they do a cute little thing to honor the departing missionaries before they return home. There were several amazing missionaries going home this transfer and the Morby's too. It was a very emotional meeting for me, but I assure you, I feel much peace now! Since it was the Morby's goodbye, they invited the entire mission to attend. It was so fun to be together as our Mission Family and to feel the power of the spirit in that chapel. Sister Berrett is so great, I really enjoy her already! We came out at the same time, we were in the MTC together last July, but never in the same classes. She is from South Jordan, Utah, she plays the violin, she is really pretty, and she loves movie quotes. The last one was pretty comforting to me! She is great and we are going to have a wonderful time together. 

Sister Benson's family was here this weekend, which was super crazzzzzy. They arrived on Saturday evening. We were out and about doing our thing, they were supposed to call us when they got here and we would go let them into the house they're staying. We were out in a member's yard talking to them about a referral they had given us, not even near where her family was going to show up...so we thought. We are talking to the lady and suddenly, Sister Benson ducks down and screams. Haha! It was so hilarious. She yells, "I saw an RV!" I look up and wave, her family is here! They start honking and parked the car in the middle of the street and run out. It was so fun! I videoed their sweet little reunion, it really was special to be there. We spent quite a bit of time with them since their were lots of members who wanted to do dinners, barbecue's  and other little get together's for them. They are so sweet and loving, I really enjoyed them. 

Something I came to understand better this week is the role of Jesus Christ in helping us to understand who our Heavenly Father is. We know who God our Father is because of the way His Son lived his life, it is absolutely beautiful! We come to know who we are because we know where and who we came from. It was fun to see Sister Benson's family because it helped me to see and understand where she came from and to see that connection back to the importance of family. It was a really lovely lesson I learned, I don't know if it just came out lovely. Ha!

Well I love you all dearly, as you know. Mom's email this week wasn't very reassuring..."We may be too busy having a BLAST on our family vaca to write you..." Not a direct quote, quite possibly how my mind distorted it. Haha! Just kidding, you guys all have a blast being together and send some thoughts my way. I love you so much and I know family is the center of our life. I love ya. Each. And. Every. One. Of. You. 

xoxoxoxoxo, Sister Kerr <3

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