Tuesday, June 17, 2014

I've never really liked change.

Hey fam! I literally have so very little time today. We have been running around getting pampered today on Sister Benson's last p-day as a missionary. It is so crazy to have her leaving so soon. I am very sad to be losing her, she has become one of my best friends as well. I have learned so much from our time here in the "refiner's fire" area together. We have become very close and have discovered lots of things about ourselves, haha! But really, I have discovered so much about myself in a spiritual sense with the help of Sister Benson. My testimony of my Savior has been strengthened from these past two transfers together and she has helped me to lay a stronger foundation that will help me continue to grow spiritually over time. I just love her and will miss her tons. The area will too!

This week was really great, very busy! We had zone conferences this week and we participated in the regional Dance Festival including 1200 youth. All 250 missionaries were one of the featured performances in all 4 of the showings. About halfway through the amazing dances, they had a young woman come up on the big screen and begin to share her testimony and explain why we share the gospel. Then, 250 missionaries walked out into the middle of the gymnasium and begin singing the song, "We'll Bring the World His Truth." It was such a beautiful, powerful experience to be able to take part in that. I loved it! People were crying and cheering for us, we really felt like celebrities. There were several nonmembers there who were able to feel the spirit so strongly! It was an incredible experience. 

Zone conferences were great too. It was President and Sister Morby's last ones, so the counselor in the Mission Presidency did a fun little trivia and presentation on them and all they brought to the mission and all they left behind for three years. We were all crying and laughing, reflecting on all the joy and all the miracles the Morby's have brought to the Oregon Portland Mission.

So much change is up ahead this week, I am feeling a lot of stress, so please pray for me! Sister Benson's family arrives on Saturday and we will be with them quite a bit that day and on Sunday. Then a new companion for me on Monday. And a new mission president and family the next week. Writing all that is making me tear up a bit. I have never, ever done well with change. Remember when I used to cry when we would get a new car, because that meant we had to get rid of the old one, even when the new one was needed...that's how I feel. I just want everything to stay the same because Sister Kerr is happy right now, I love right now. I know that change is needed for growth, but I am not sure what God is thinking putting me in a situation to experience this much change at once. I am really nervous, but anxiety and fear are not signs of faith. I am learning to trust that God does know more than me and will give me what will help me the most. Even if right now, it just seems like it is going to make me very sad and nervous! This will be good. This will be good. This will be good. I will survive. 
{I love her!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!}

I need to run, sorry this is catching you so very late! I probably will not be emailing on Monday next week because of transfers, but hey, maybe I'll surprise you! Once again, I had no time to write any letters. I am sorry! I promise you, I really want to write you a letter. I love you all, so very, very, very much! 

xoxooxox, Sister Kerr <3

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