Monday, November 10, 2014


Hey, fam! Welcome to the start of my 12th transfer in the OPM (Oregon
Portland Mission). Uh whoa. That's a lot! So transfer news, Sister
Jensen and I are both staying in Willamette! Yay! I am so so so so so
so so SO SO SO SO SO SO happy I am staying here. I was so beyond
nervous waiting to find out what would happen, but this was such good
news! I really am hoping I get to stay here until the end! It's like
home here. I love it!

This week was so good and so fun.
I really loved this week. We have been really trying to focus on
service in our area and reaching out and helping anyone and everyone.
It really has helped develop a greater, deeper love for people and
helped me to see how Christ loves people. I love it and I love when
people realize that you really do love them and they realize that's
why you are there. That is why I am here on my mission in general! It
is to help others feel Heavenly Father's love for them individually.
We have seen so much progress with a young woman aged girl we have
befriended and been working with. I love her to pieces! Oh my gosh, I
am falling in love with the youth here! And whenever I say that in
front of any ward members they start laughing and say, "Well it's
because you're still a youth!" Hum, not really, thank you very much!
Regardless of my age, I love them! I'm pretty obsessed with my
favorite family in the ward. They are converts of about 5 years and my
best friends! Each of them is working so hard to stay afloat and to do
what they can to live up to all that Heavenly Father has in store for

I have become pretty obsessed with my favorite family here, the
Thomsen's! They're recent converts of about 5 years. They amaze me and
are so strong and dedicated! They are hit with so much opposition,
more than I have ever seen any family hit by, and they refuse to give
up. They make mistakes and they're open about that, but never have
they given up! They have strengthened my testimony and really hope my
testimony can strengthen them at this time when they need it. We have
been working a lot with their daughters who are both teens and they
have become my little sissies! I can't wait to come back after my
mission and spend time with them and I can't wait for my real sisters
to meet these sisters! We are all family!!

One of the members we are working with had an amazing experience with
prayer this week. So amazing! It's one of those moments that just
fills you and makes you grateful for the experience of a mission! We
had taught her last week about prayer and this week during our lesson,
she told us of an experience she had while praying where she received
a very direct and clear answer, revelation given to her from God. It
was one of the first times in her life where she had felt so strongly
that it was directly from God. It was so wonderful! The revelation was
concerning her husband who is no longer active and has no interest in
becoming active again. She found direction from Heavenly Father on
what she can do to help him remember and feel Heavenly Father's love
for him. It was so sweet! I m excited for this very special, sweet

Halloween was a blast! We went to a ward party and got to run one of
the games for the kiddos. Oh my goodness, it was so much fun! It was a
cute one where we played music while the kids walked in circles and
then when we stopped the music, we picked a number and whoever was on
that number got a FULL SIZE CANDY BAR. Whoa. It was a huge deal and we
had a long line waiting to join in in the missionary game! I loved
being with the kids.

Saturday we were invited out to lunch with two couple who serve at the
food pantry we serve at here in town. Neither of them are members. We
are so in love with them and so blessed to know them! I felt pretty
lucky, what 20 year old girls get called up and invited to lunch by
two 70+ year old couples? We do! And I will miss that one day! They
were so beyond funny, I loved being with them. Such, loving, giving,
charitable people. I really look up to them!

Today we got to go to the temple visitors center for a lesson with a
girl named Emily, she is such a good friend! I love her to pieces! She
is progressing really well and I want her to finish connecting all the
pieces and accept the gospel int her life fully. She is so sweet, and
has the biggest heart in the entire world. We had a member take us
there. Her name is Amy and she just got home from Kansas where she
served her mission. Oh my goodness we had a fun time! Then Amy took us
out to lunch, her sweet mama paid for us to go to sushi! Yummmm. It
was so delicious and so fun! I love Amy! I wish we still had sisters
when I get home. Sad, sad timing that they were transferred from

                      {Sushi .... Yummmm!!!}


                       {Lobster Nose!!}

Well, I hope this catches you all up and didn't bore you to death. It
may have done that. Know that things are going well and I am so happy!
I miss you all and I love you even more than that! Have a good week,
thanks for the emails! I'll be enjoying my NY Honeycrisp apples
through this whole week from MamaKerr! Best surprise ever!

Love you all!

Xoxoxo ❤️ Sister Kerr

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