Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm Feeling Blessed!!!

Hello, loves!

This week was a really good one! Are you surprised? I feel like I say that every week, sorry I am so boring! Exciting news, I got to go to the dentist this morning, that is unique news for me! One of the incredible members here in the Willamette Ward offered to clean our teeth for us - I've missed it. It felt so good! And the sweet ladies who work in the office were just so fun, I don't know what it is about dental hygienists, but they are so nice! I felt disgusted when I had to tell them it had been at least 16 months since I had been to the dentist... Never again.

Our week started off great when we got to meet with our dear recent convert, Phyllis! It was such a great lesson we were able to teach her this week. We talked about the sacrament and the importance of partaking of it weekly and what we are promised with doing so. The lesson was at a member's home who is leaving on her mission in less than a month! She and her husband are going to serve in the Washington DC Temple. I am so excited for them and already promised to go down there and see them! They are so sweet, I can't wait for you guys to meet them! The lesson was so uplifting for each of us and the spirit was so strong. Phyllis really loved it and needed it. She loved the idea of having the spirit as a greater part of her life, She recognized the need she has for that and is committed to this lifestyle because she knows it is what will give her the lift and spirit that she needs! I love her so much! Sister Cannon also gave us and Phyllis lots of clothes, she cleaned out her closet since she can't take it all with her! I seriously am spoiled rotten in this ward. 

We had a stellar lesson with our friend, Emily! We went to the visitor's center and had our lesson there. I may have written about this last week, I just realized. Anyways, she is doing exceptionally well, I love her to pieces. I love her because she is open to finding truth in her life. She doesn't know that it will be from us, but she does recognize the difference she feels in her life since we met 3 months ago! I love that she is conscious of that difference. Emily is one of my favorite people! She loves family, which makes me so happy! All her life, she has dreamed of having her own family and being a good mom and teaching her children to love and respect themselves. She told us that the things we have taught her and talked about with her have helped her to gain that self-love and respect for herself. She is just a couple years older than us and I love her intentions in life! I really respect her so much and will be friends with her FOREVER.

We brought our good friend, Erica to the food pantry this week to help us with service! Holy fun! Macey and Addey know how much I love racing and making every chore a competition! Who can stack wood the fastest? Hah! And you two always avoided it or put me off! Well, I found some people who will play that game with me. We did an assembly line for bagging granola. These are huge bags that come in bulk from a company and we fill smaller plastic bags to hand out to people. I asked the people to start a record board, and as of Thursday, we hold the first record! We bagged two of the huge bags, and cleaned up in 8mins 12secs. You should have seen how fast we were moving! Oh my goodness! That is bagging, labeling, and tying each individual bag. It was beyond intense. This same Erica came on a Mini Mission with us this week. We got permission from President Ballard and from Bishop Chandler! She is from a recent convert family and this was the MOST incredible experience for her ever. We had so much fun. We made her a nametag and everything. She got to spend the night and do everything missionary style! I loved it so much, made me feel like I was with my sissies! She did so well too, just a natural! Their family hopes that Macey gets called to this mission and just comes and replaces me when I go home. Not going to lie, I think that would be the best thing ever!!!

I gained such a strong witness this week that God is with us. Even when we may feel alone, we are NOT alone. I sat with a sweet woman who told us all of her concerns and her fears of trusting God and cried her heart out. As I was there with her, I just had the most overwhelming feeling that God was there with her throughout all those times she was claiming that He had deserted her and left her abandoned. I didn't know quite what to say, but I know that I cannot deny the witness that came into my heart and mind that He was there for her. Before she can begin to progress or move forward, she needs to learn to trust Heavenly Father and believe that He is there for her. To build that foundation with her, we have started sending messages to each other, every single day, telling how we have seen God in our life that day. A way that he has blessed us! It has been so great and moving. Even with it being less than a week since we started, the feeling while talking with her has changed. I can't believe how much changing our thoughts and perspective can change us! I really feel like this a small way for her to gain trust in him, day by day, without being scary. I'm excited to continue! I love her so much and I know that God loves her so much more than even I do.

I love you all more than I could possibly express! I am so well taken care of here, there is nothing for you to worry about or be concerned about in the slightest! This morning we went and did Yoga with a member who lives down the street, then during studies she knocked on our door to deliver pancakes and almond butter for us! Then, the dentist called us and asked if we could come in today. Then we drove over to a member's home and she helped us with our laundry. SPOILED! Plus, we have some of the funniest youth in all of Oregon! I love 'em! This work is amazing and I love being a missionary. I love serving my God through serving His children. I am feeling blessed! 

Xoxoxo, Sister Kerr 

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