Wednesday, January 15, 2014


Hello. Hello, family! Things are going just swell here in the Oregon Portland Mission. I am just loving every minute of my mission, it really, truly is the most wonderful experience! So many really good things happened in this week. I hope that I can convey it in words, which is so hard to do!

Transfer calls came this week and I was informed that I would be training and that Sister Lyons would be coming back with me to Aloha 2nd Ward! We literally could not believe what we heard. It truly sounded way too good to be true, since we are like BFF's now. And now we get to train together! #mylifeiscomplete <---is hash-tagging still in? Hahah, who knows! Our new sister is, Sister Porter from Lindon, Utah. She is super sweet! I really am so excited to have her! She knows McKell Sampson...random. Sister Lyons and I are so thrilled to get to stay together and train Sister Porter. That scenario was what we jokingly said we wanted to happen because we thought it was obviously too good to be true. DREAMS DO COME TRUE! And we are back with the Heslop's again! :) SOSOSOSOSOSO happy!

To begin last week off right, we had an absolutely revolting dinner of menudo. For all of you out there who have no idea what that is, like myself, I will explain. Menudo is a lovely Latino soup that features the delicacy of pig stomach. As most of you know, I am fairly picky and I have a very weak stomach. The family feeding us was so sweet and told us what it was and that we only had to try it if we wanted. I went over to the pot, smelled it and asked her not to dish me any, because just the smell was making me nauseous. Then, both of my companions accepted a bowl. Hmm, there was no way that i was going to let them try it and then hold it over me and brag about trying it. NO WAY. So, I did as any mother would not want her child to do and succumbed to peer pressure. WHY, you may ask. NO good reason, just my own silly pride. I tried the soup and did 3 full-on, full-out gags. BUT, I did swallow it. The mother took a picture of us eating it and all you see is my hand, a total blur, swooping up to my mouth to keep me from vomiting. It was awful, to say the least. But, now I can say, "I, Kensey Kerr have eaten pig hoof AND pig stomach." I think some applauding is well deserved for that! After that experience, I began to study a lot about humility because that is the opposite of pride. If I gain humility, maybe I will never eat anything that revolting again :)

Juana, I believe I have talked about her before, was baptized on Saturday! It was a beautiful day for so many reasons! She has been so prepared and has been waiting for this day for ages. I am so so grateful that everything worked out for her big, special day! On Monday, we had an appointment fall through and I had the urge to go and see Juana. We arrive and the spanish elders were there as well! Apparently Juana had had an absolutely dreadful day and was having second thoughts about her upcoming baptism. She had texted the elders, but their phone was dead, so they showed up on a prompting as well. Juana needed us both there that night and God helped us to know that she needed us there. Her struggle that day was that people in the church just wanted her to get baptized to be baptized, not because they genuinely love her. She has taken a lot of grief from her family about this. Then, at the end of that very difficult day, both of her sets of missionaries showed up at the same time to check on her and let her know that they were thinking of her and LOVE her. It was a beautiful experience! God knows Juana. She asked me to pray at her baptism service, so I will be Hermana Kerr for the day :) At the service, Heidi sat next to me, and asked, "Was I glowing like that when I came out of the water?" She was! And she still is. The fire is still burning bright in that woman. Love these sisters!

On Tuesday we picked up a new investigator! His name is Daniel and he is a TRUTH-seeker. He is incredible and so sincere and just mind-blowing. He is quite literally the perfect investigator! He has already read all of 1 Nephi and he loved it. He completely agrees with it's teachings and wonders why everyone doesn't read this book. He said, "This book is exactly what it claims to be, ANOTHER Testament of Jesus Christ." Right on, Daniel! One of his questions last week was how God can be the same yesterday, today and forever, when we don't see miracles like the miracles of the Bible. When we met with him this morning he pulled out his Book of Mormon and began showing us in Moroni 7 where his question was answered! Three times in that chapter the question "have miracles ceased?" is asked. The answer is given in Moroni 7:37 "Nay; for it is by faith that miracles are wrought; and it is by faith that angels appear and minister unto men; wherefore, if these things have ceased, wo be unto the children of men, for it is because of unbelief." He amazes me! You may wonder how he ended up all the way in Moroni...He told us he couldn't wait any longer and wanted to see how the book ended. Haha! He is so great! We then asked him to read the climax this week - 3 Nephi - when Christ finally arrives. He was scribbling the page number down so quickly and could not wait to get started! Good things lie ahead for Daniel, he truly wants to know!

We were able to get into a woman's home this week, Lisa! She has been a member her entire life, but has stopped because of some big life events. She let us in and we began to talk with her. She opened up to us so much and was in tears by the time we left. She said she doesn't know why she let us in because she never lets missionaries in! We were her first ones and she is ready to return. I won't be meeting with her anymore due to transfers, but am excited to have played a small role in her life. I grew to love her SO quickly!

We had a really cool lesson about Holy Places this week and how our homes can become a sanctuary where the Spirit can dwell and where we can feel completely surrounded by God's love. I began to consider where my Holy Place was and realized that our bodies truly can become our "Holy Place." The spirit really can dwell IN us and keep us safe, comfortable and at peace. This really is a miracle and I feel so blessed to have realized this. Sometimes I think that I am learning more on my mission than the people I am teaching. Actually, I know that is true. It is so amazing!

A woman that we have been working with, Mandy transformed before my eyes this week! Mandy has experienced so many hard things throughout this past year. Friday afternoon, we went over to see her and she told us of the realization she came to the other night. She said, "I have NEVER believed that God only gives you what you can handle. I have always had more than I can handle, and that is part of the reason I have ended up this way. But, last night I realized, God gives us more than we can handle so that we HAVE to turn to Him for help." That made me happier than I have ever felt in my entire life. Mandy gets it. Mandy has started to do that. She has turned to him and has quit fighting against him! I truly don't know how to express how happy I feel about this. I have watched her struggle for 12 weeks, then was able to see things finally click for her OVERNIGHT. The gospel is true and WILL help you! I love her so much!!!!

Alright, I love you all so much. I know you know that, but really I LOVE YOU. You are continually in my thoughts and prayers. Follow the promptings of the Spirit, God is trying to help you help someone. It is the best feeling ever! Be safe, be happy, laugh a lot, smile even more and send a thought my way every once in awhile, because you sure are in mine! xoxo.

Sister Kerr

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