Thursday, January 2, 2014


Hey! Hey! Hey!

Happy nine days to Christmas! Things have become so very festive and cold and snowy and blustery and just wonderful. Starting where I left off last week, I have two new companions; Sister Larsen and Sister Lyons. Hence the "more the merrier" title! We are having a blast together and are convinced that trios should be the norm now, because it is so much more fun, effective and easy-going. I just feel like I am riding around with a bunch of my friends doing the most important work in the world and having a grand old time while doing it! Sister Larsen is from Brigham City, Utah and Sister Lyons is from Denver, Colorado. Sister Larsen has the longest, blondest, most beautiful hair ever! Sister Lyons has the same sense of humor as me, I haven't laughed this much since I was home, I think! They are just great and are rockin' missionaries. 

Also playing into "the more the merrier" theme is that we are now covering 2 wards! We are in Hazeldale and Aloha 2, which is fun as well. We are so busy, it is insane. We don't have enough time for all of the appointments we need to get to, which is the GREATEST thing ever on a mission. I love it!

The people that I have met in the Hazeldale ward have been so fantastic! They are working with so many less-actives and it is so enjoyable getting to know them. I LOVE meeting people so much! One of them is a native upstate New Yorker, which was so exciting! She grew up in the Owego Stake - I felt so represented! She also pronounced kindergarten like your average New Yorker, which was quite nice :) 

My favorite theme of this week would be finding our way through confusing times. We taught two lessons where this was the theme, or at least it is what I came away feeling like I understood more. My testimony has been strengthened so much as a missionary. Everyday I know more and more firmly that God is my loving Father and that this church is His true church here on the earth today. Our discussion with several less-actives and a NEW investigator centered on the question, "Why would a loving God confuse His children with so many churches?" I have thought about that SO much throughout my life. If we are all God's literal children and we are trying so hard to return to live with Him again and HE WANTS US TO MAKE IT BACK; why would there be so many different answers, when we all have the same goal? I have decided that there cannot be! God has one over-arching plan for us all, there is only one answer for His children to make it back to Him. That is what is unique about the message I am out sharing with people all day. He has RESTORED what had already been established on the earth by Jesus Christ himself. And it is the answer for us all. It is through His RESTORED gospel that He can bring us home to Him. I know this may sound very biased, but if you really think about it, why would God give each of His children a different set of directions to get to the same place? He wouldn't. I have come to know my Father so much in these past few months and I know without a doubt that He would not do that to His most prized and treasured creations, His children. 

As this Christmas season continues to approach, try to come to truly know Jesus Christ, our Savior and very best friend. He knows you infinitely more than you know yourself. He loves you more than you love yourself. Your concerns are His concerns. Trust Him to help you, that is why He is here. That is why He came to earth, He truly was a gift to us from our Heavenly Father, THAT'S WHY WE HAVE CHRISTMAS. Come to KNOW him, really know him. Pray and ask for help with coming to know Christ, our best and heavenly FRIEND. 

I love you all so much and am so grateful for you! I am so excited to be here in Oregon for Christmas this year and for the next 13 months, time is going by way too fast. I LOVE the experiences I am having here and the people I am meeting, the friendships that will last forever. I only have 2 Christmas' away from home. I get to experience 2 Christmas' where strangers will invite me into their home and share everything they have with me, share the celebration of the most important birth of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I AM SO BLESSED. 

Love you forever! 

xo, Sister Kerr 

p.s. travel safely wherever you are headed! 

p.s.s. Read your scriptures and say your prayers, God wants to talk to you! You just gotta talk to Him first!

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