Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Loads of pictures!

{Yahir and I}

{The Heslop's and I}

{Sister Dittmar and I}

{Miriam and I}

{Alondra and I}

{Sister Stone, Alondra and I}



{Miriam, Alondra, me, and Yahir}

{Sister Dittmar and I}


{Claudia's birthday setup}

{Heidi's baptism}

{Me, Noah, Heidi, and Sister Dittmar}

{Beautiful Portland temple!}

 {Sister Dittmar and I}

{Keeping Oregon clean}

{Cleaning up the streets}

{Turkey, Turkey!}

{Mission President!}

 {Sister Dittmar and I}

{Sweet Montana}

{My Christmas packages}

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