Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy December!

Hello, family dear!

This week was so good, but I have so little time. I hope I can fit it all in!

1// Family night with the Thomsen's!
Each week we do a family night with them and read from the Book of
Mormon, his week they switched it up a bit and invited us over for a
night that they would put on! So, on Monday night we spent an hour in
their home where we had a lesson taught by Dad and Erica about
gratitude. It was absolutely perfect and so spiritual and it felt
exactly how a family night should feel. At one point, we each went
around the room and shared something we are grateful for. This was my
favorite! Each member of this family has touched my heart and I love
them so much. Brother Thomsen shared his, he said, "I'm grateful for
whoever told you sisters that my family was less-active. Our lives are
so different since you've been in our home." Bah! I love them and I am
grateful too for the Ward members looking out for my Thomsen family
that sent us there!

2// Thanksgiving!
1. Wake up and prep for TURKEY TROT. Walk to Thomsen's to retrieve
Erica and force her to participate. Walk about a mile to the starting
line. Do the 5K! Go to the nursing home and sing songs to the
2. Run home, change clothes and try to freshen up. Run to the car,
drive to the Schalch's (non members we are teaching) for thanksgiving
breakfast! Eat pie, quiche, and herbal tea selections for breakfast
and have the best time ever with this family!
3. Speed over to the Thomsen's again to do games with their family and
with another member family! Attempt to teach eight people how to play
Third Times a Charm (the Kensey Christmas game). Fail! Then, just play
4. Go to Bishop Chandler's home and do their dishes and sample some
pie! Share a message with their family for the holiday! I LOVE this
family, they are so awesome. I hope you get to meet them someday!
5. Dash over to the Young's for a thanksgiving day feast! Enjoy my
first slice of sweet potato pie. Eat macaroni and cheese for the first
time on turkey day!
6. Coast back down the hill to hit up the Walker's who had over fifty
guests for the day! Stuff up on desert and play uno with all the
teenagers! This was a bumping place and probably my favorite! This was
the house you got pictures from! The boy in the picture that mom was
asking about is their son and preparing for his mission! The daughter
is the funniest girl alive I am pretty sure! She leads the music in
relief society and will stand up there cross eyed. We try to make her
laugh because she always looks so serious, the cross eyed was in
response to that!
7. Drive back up the hill to a girl's home that I met at Safeway back
in August! She is a member, but not active since she got married back
in February. She is only twenty three and so sweet! Enjoyed desert
with her, her non member husband and her parents visiting.
8. Fly home and pack for an exchange!

3// The Black Friday Exchange!
This was such a great exchange! We saw so many miracles of things just
falling into place for their area. The Washington Square Mall is in
their Ward and one of their potential investigators works at a store
there. The sister I was with couldn't remember what store it was
though. But! She did know that she was scheduled to work on Black
Friday. So, off we go searching for these sisters hopeful teachee! We
wondered the disgustingly hot, sweaty, packed mall searching for this
lotion store for about 35 minutes. I wanted to puke, it was so
uncomfortable in there! I hate shopping! We kept trying to call the
member who is friends with her and knows the name of the store, but no
response from her, until we were walking out the door and giving up.
She finally responded and told us the name of the store, so back
through the mall we go! We finally find her and the store and find out
that we arrived just in time for her lunch break! She wanted to come
spend it with us and talk about the church and her desire to learn
more. Timing miracle or what? It was so perfect that we ended up at
her store right at that time! You and I both will probably never hear
about Grace again because she was not in my area, but I witnessed a
cool miracle! Malls are hot and terrible places on Black Friday, but
this one was an incubator for a miracle!

4// Christmas Eve with Cannons
One of our favorite couples here in the Ward is leaving on a mission
to serve in the Washington DC Temple next week! They have a big
Christmas Eve party with their family every year. So since they are
leaving, they did the party early and had us be the spotlight! They
are so sweet. It was such a fun family party to be at! I love the
Cannon's and am really going to miss them when they go. I really am
bringing some of you to meet them when I get home down at the DC
Temple! You will love them to pieces.

Well, all my love to you, family! I am thankful for all that you do
for the times I get to hear from you. Thanks for he emails and
letters. Xoxoxo!

<3 Sister Kerr

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