Monday, December 29, 2014

Love you!

Hello, well today slipped away mighty fast! We had a mission Christmas
party today and it ended up taking the entirety of the day. Sorry! It
was a lot of fun. My first week back in Oregon City has been heaven on
earth. I am so happy here and could not have thought of a better way to
finish my mission. Members keep asking if I requested to come back and
spend my last transfer here and I tell them no. But, Heavenly Father
must have known it was a request in my heart!

This week has been full of miracles. I love my companion, Sister
Petersen and I'm grateful for all she is teaching me. She is such a
sweetheart and a good friend. We received two referrals from members
since being here this week! I seriously adore this ward and I love
that they already trust me, it is amazing. We had ward council this
week on Sunday and it brought back memories of how hard I had worked
as a greenie to help the work progress with the members. And the
members know I'm here to do that still. Being around them brought back
many memories of the time we had spent working together and here I am ready
to pick up where we left off! My heart is so full that it has
overflowed into tears a couple of times this week. I'm just so happy!

The members I live with have most of their kids and grandkids home for
Christmas! It is so fun. The grandkids are the same age as Pepper and
Kade and it is making me about DIE from excitement to see all of you!
They were playing charades last night as a family and let me say this,
Third Times a Charm is coming your way whether you like it or not!

I love you. I love my mission. I love my Savior, Jesus Christ. I love
the confidence and joy his teachings have brought into my life. I love
my Heavenly Father and the opportunity he has given me, his weak
daughter, to serve him. I love feeling his acceptance each night as I
fall into bed exhausted! I've realized today that I feel so much less
stress each day as I focus on missionary work, trying to think about
home things or "normal things" freak me out. It is funny to see how
much it has changed. Focus is the key! President Morby taught me that.

I love you tons!


Sister Kerr

P.s. Talk to you on Thursday at 4pm!

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