Monday, December 29, 2014

Almost like home!

Hey there!

Well, I think most of you have heard by now, but if you haven't I got transferred to a little place called Oregon City 4th ward. Now, if you have been a true, dedicated reader of my blog you would recognize that name! I am back in OC 4th, the area I started my mission in. Isn't that pretty neat? I am coming back to my first area to finish my mission in. I am very excited to be here and it has already been such a joy! It feels like this is my practice homecoming!

Willamette was such a difficult area to leave, I absolutely love it there and will treasure my memories there forever and ever! Some highlights from there this last week:
//Christmas party @ Phil's - Phil is one of the volunteers we work with at the Food Pantry located in West Linn. He has a hoppin' Christmas party for everyone each December and this year, he decided to invite the missionaries for the first time! Oh my goodness, it was such a great time! These people absolutely adore us and the work we do to help at the pantry. I have rarely felt as loved in one sitting as I do around these people. It was so fun because we got to meet all of the volunteer's families and friends and they were so excited to introduce people to us. It was so different than a lot of interactions go with non-members. It was just absolutely amazing to see the miracles of service and the difference that it makes to people. The volunteers know we love them to death and would do anything to help out. Because they recognize that we love them, they are so much more willing to talk with us. I know they feel the spirit as they are around us. I love them!!

//Polar Express party - Well, my last Willamette party ended with a bang. I will always miss their parties! They are the best, no doubt about that. There were over 200 people who came to the party and probably about 30 of them were not members! I was so excited that people we had invited came and our members got out of their comfort zone and invited people. Christmas is such a perfect time to share a message about the Savior because the world is more willing to accept that. They shared a portion of each of the First Presidency's addresses from this December, mixed with some clips from the Bible Videos. It was such a spiritual and powerful message. Everyone loved it! And we had some people we had taught in the past, but haven't been able to teach in awhile, they were asking to see us again by the end of it! MIRACLES.

I am short on time! My new companion's name is Sister Petersen. She is probably one of the sweetest people I've met. She has not stopped complimenting me since we got together yesterday. I am so excited to serve with her for this last transfer. She is from northern California. We both go home in January, which is really sad we'll both be leaving. When we came out summer of 2013, there were so many sisters that they were opening areas for sisters to serve in. The influx is slowing down and we are losing almost half of the sisters in the next 6 months. More will be coming in of course, but not enough to fully replace. Sister areas are having to be closed now. So, that is what we are doing. SAD! There are still going to be elders in the ward, so the work will progress. My goal is to work mainly with the ward members this transfer. Their influence will carry on so much longer here than mine will. So my hope is to strengthen the faith of the members and really get them to exercise their faith regarding missionary work so that miracles will happen in their lives and they will see the blessings of faith! I'm really excited. Back with Bishop Carlson and Brother Squires as our leaders. Time to party!
 {Throw Shani in and it is bound to be a good time! I will miss teaching
the sweetest woman alive!}

 {Two of the best mission parents in the whole world. They can't wait to meet you!}
 {Lonnie and Phil and their lovely wives!  (They're the ones who took us
to lunch right before last transfer). It's Phil's party!}

 {And for sure the best mission grandparents. Hal and Kristen! They're
from the food pantry.}

 {Merry Christmas from West Linn :)}

{Maury! The member who runs the pantry :) Love her!}

Xoxo! Love you so much. 

Sister Kerr 

p.s.How are you embracing the gift of Christmas this year? This is an amazing time to turn our thoughts to the Savior! 

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