Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Christmas Joys.

Hello, everyone! What a beautiful week it was here. The weather sure
has cooled off this week, it has been so clear and gorgeous the past
couple days!

There is a woman here in this area that has been spending time with
the missionaries since June. She is in her forties and has pretty bad
autism, but she looks completely normal and seems like she has no
learning disabilities until you spend some time with her. So, she isn't
really able to be taught, but we can't just leave her. So we spend
time as service! She is so funny!!! I seriously love her to pieces. We
took her to the temple and visitor's center this week for a Christmas
performance since she will be home alone on Christmas. It was probably
one of the most fun nights I've had on my mission and definitely
memorable! She is like an adorable little four year old in a forty
year olds body. She sat and braided my hair the entire performance.
Then, once it was done she talked to everyone about everything. She
carried around two giant canvases with her of paintings she had
done of two of her Native American friends, they're her security
blankets. Then, she wanted to go for a walk around the temple, which
we didn't have time for. We tried to explain and told her we would
drive her to the other side to see it all. So. She booked it as soon
as we said no, yelling while looking over her shoulder, "I'll be so
fast!" Haha! You cannot talk her out of things. It was so funny! She
would run as fast as she could, pause and gaze up to the top of the
Portland temple, check to see how close we were, then sprint ahead
again. She repeated that several times! I loved this night. Then we
got stuck in the most terrible traffic for almost forty minutes, so
she talked our ears off and braided Sister Petersen's hair until she
got carsick. Then Jeanne was worried she was going to get barfed on.
It was a good night! Jeanne has a very special spirit about her and I
have definitely learned more about patience and our individual worth
to God. Jeanne is a daughter of God and even though she doesn't always
feel that way, I know God loves her and we are in her life to help her
learn that.

Christmas Eve was so much fun! Favorite part of the day was going
caroling for an hour and a half in the pouring rain! It was so
special! Our zone got together and went through a neighborhood,
knocking and singing. I love serving and I love serving alongside so
many missionaries. It was really cool to see us all come together that
night, to remember the reason we came on missions. It was a lovely
night! Then, I show up at home and sitting on the couch of the home we
live in is my bishop from West Linn and his family, the Chandler's.
Surprise! They came to carol to me on Christmas Eve! But, I wasn't
home when they came, so the Franzen's (who I live with now) just
invited them in. They all tried to convince me that the Chandler's
were their old friends and were there randomly. Lies! They came just
for me :)

Our investigators are all doing so well! I adore them. We have four
that are really progressing. Rachael is probably the most exciting
right now! We taught her for the second time this week. She showed up
to the lesson with her brand new Book of Mormon she had had for only a
week, loaded with hot pink sticky notes and dozens of questions! She
said her home feels different now that she has been reading and
praying. Miracles! I adore this woman! She sent us the cutest picture
this week to show us her little baby boy, holding her Book of Mormon
with a huge smile on his face. It brings my heart so much joy and
literally makes it feel like it may explode as I consider the
difference that book can make in her family's life. I am so excited
for Rachael. Love her!

I have such a strong testimony of the gospel and the joy it can bring.
It brings peace and stability into our lives. That is why our
investigators are excited about it, they know what is being offered to
them. The world is coming to a point where there really is no longer
and in-between. It is becoming very clear that you are either on the
Lord's side or you are not. We truly must choose, and the people we
are teaching are feeling that drive and draw towards good. It makes me
so happy!

I love you all! So much! You're each in my prayers. I hope you all
stay happy in all you're doing and stay healthy!

Xoxo, Sister Kerr

 {Finally found the sign I've been looking for}

{The coolest amphitheater on EARTH! I can't wait to bring you all here!}

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