Tuesday, January 27, 2015

This is not the end.

(Sorry this is late. I wrote it yesterday and forgot to send! Love you.)

18 months. 
79 weeks. 
556 days. 
5 areas. 
10 companions. 
2 mission presidents. 
2278 miles from good old Orwell. 
1 very changed girl! 

Hey, family. This week was really good! As always we saw a lot of miracles and I really feel so blessed for the experiences I've had this past week. And for all the experiences I've had over the past 18 months. Miracles have not ceased! My life has been changed and I really do feel like a different person. I love the person Christ has helped me to become. It is so amazing to look back at those experiences and see how typical and slow they were, but the doing everyday is what changed me. I'm so grateful the Lord is patient with our progress. And I'm so grateful He allows and helps us to progress! I have found a sense of confidence that I was missing before and I know that has come from these simple experiences adding up to show me that Heavenly Father is there and he knows me and loves me. I have found myself while being away and giving myself to others! It actually works. 

We had some cool experiences this week that I will remember forever.The first of which, has a whole lot to do with food. It all started as we began the day and trying to set up our dinner appointment. For some reason two people had signed up, so we canceled on one and called the other. And then they had to end up canceling on us because of school activity. So, we called the other family and set up with them. About halfway through the day he called us back and canceled because they suddenly were very sick. Right off the bat, a member from West Linn came to my mind to invite to go out to dinner with us. I contacted her set it up and we were planning to go. 15 minutes before we were going to go she let us know that it was no longer going to work because of traffic. As you can see, several things continue to come up to keep us from going to dinner with the family. Finally, Sister Peterson and I decided to just go to dinner ourselves. Picking the place was quite difficult. I had my heart set on a Hawaiian place in town, but she didn't want that one. Haha, we were both very set on our ways. Both the places we wanted were in the same plaza, so we decided to head that way and each get our own dinner. Once we got to the plaza, I saw Panda Express and that suddenly sounded really good! I suggested it and we both wanted it out of the blue. Mmm, I love panda. Do we have one in New York? Halfway through dinner we realized that they forgot to give us our fortune cookies - lame. That wasn't going to work out. So, Sister Petersen marched up there to get those cookies asap. Shortly after she skips back over to grab a Mormon.org pass along card, I figure she is just going to give it to the cashier when she grabs the cookies. I heard her start talking to someone over at the fountain drinks, offering them a card and telling them about the really cool website. And then I hear the voice of the person say, "Oh, I'm LDS." I turn around and look who it is! It is a girl that Sister Stone and I knew from 18 months ago! We freaked out and had this crazy little reunion. She didn't live in our Ward, but she was friends with some of our members and that's how we had met her. She loved Sister Stone and that's how I got close with her. She looked extremely different from the last time I had seen her though. If my companion hadn't gone up and talked to her, I wouldn't have even recognized her. She has completely quit coming to church and is unsure about God even. Sister Petersen said she had never felt the spirit prompting her to do something so strongly in her whole life. I'm so glad she listened and that we were able to see the spirit guiding us SO clearly to this young girl. She needed to know that Heavenly Father loved her and was aware of her. He used us to do that! I loved it. I thought it was so amazing to see him guide us to be there to show her that. Canceling dinners right and left to get us to Panda Express to see this girl :) Then the punch line. I open my fortune cookie and read, "An acquaintance from the past will come back into your life." Haha! Crazy and best experience. 

Well, I love you! Just getting home from the mountain! Ellen took us to Mt. Hood for our last pday. The most beautiful place on earth! Love it here so much. 

See you soon! Xoxo! 

Sister Kerr <3

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