Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Dearest family,

Things are getting close and it really is bringing me to shed some
tears of both joy and sadness. I am so happy and excited to know you
are all excited to see me, it feels so good to be wanted! I think that
is something we are all always looking for. A place we fit in, feel
comfortable, feel needed and loved. I can honestly say that I have
loved my mission so much because this is where I was wanted by
Heavenly Father for this time in my life. He needed me here and wanted
me here! It brings me so much joy to know you're excited to have me.
And it brings me even more joy to know that Heavenly Father has been
excited to have me here learning and becoming all that I have. I know
we can always be where he wants and needs us and I know that is where
we will learn the most. It appears that place will soon be changing
for me from my mission here in Oregon, to home again. And for Macey it
is from home, onto her mission in Louisiana. And for Addey it is from
high school, onto college. And for Skyler and Whitney, it is the
growth of their family, finishing school, choosing careers, moving.
For Mom and Dad, it is their family stage changing to all adults from
their big, young family. Change is hard because we get comfortable and
love the person our hard work has made us and the environment we come
to be in. And it sometimes becomes difficult to believe that we could
love what he has prepared for us more than where we are at right now.
I know you all know this, but please be patient with me though as I am
still learning to trust that being home will help me continue to
progress, Heavenly Father has it all planned out, thank goodness! And
I'm EXCITED to see how he is going to help me grow! I really am. And
I'm so blessed to have you all as my family. All of you wonderful
people who deal with change so well. Heavenly Father knew I needed an
intense support system and you guys are seriously the best. I LOVE YOU
SO MUCH. Can't wait to see you!

This week was such a good one! It has become super clear that Heavenly
Father is watching out for the people we are teaching. Since we both
will be leaving this transfer I have been pretty stressed about the
people we are teaching. It has been so awesome to see things fall into
place this last week where we have been able to connect them with more
missionaries and members so we can be assured they will be taken care
of! Seeing this the past week is part of the reason I have a testimony
and know Heavenly Father will take care of me when I finish my

I got to see the Levenseller's from Aloha this week! Best day ever!
They came to see me and say goodbye. You'll have to check out the
souvenir they made for me. I ALMOST died from excitement!

{Oh yeah, and I met the Johnson's! So much fun. It was the best thing of
my life to talk about how awesome my parents and sisters are and to
have someone ACTUALLY understand how true of a statement that was.
They love and adore you guys! Thanks for sending them my way!}

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