Tuesday, September 16, 2014

I sure am grateful for my family.

Hey fambino!

My family is pregnant! Holy guacamole! I am so excited and happy about
having two new additions to this family this year! Yippee!
Congratulations to the Copeland Family! You are so adorable!! Love you
tons! Xoxoxoxox <3

Greetings from the sick house! Sister Olsen was sick pretty much this
whole week, which was a bit draining. Haha! It is so hard to be the
not sick one and have nothing to do. Wow that sounds selfish. Haha,
woe is me because of my good health! Just kidding, I'm glad I was ok.
I hate not knowing how to help someone feel better when in reality,
every missionary just wants their mom when they're sick...not their
companion. I spent a lot of time on the phone with people we are
teaching, planning and reading lots of books!

We had some cool little miracles this week! One. A girl we are
teaching told us this week that her mom is Mormon! That was super
awesome. This girls name is Emily and she is doing so well with the
lessons we are teaching. I love teaching her! She loves being around
and feeling the spirit and she totally recognizes what things in her
life help her to feel that way. Recognizing the spirit is such a huge
thing to learn. I'm grateful to have my whole lifetime to continue to
develop it! Each of us do! Two. We are teaching an adorable family and
we have been trying to hook them up with an awesome family in the ward
with kids about the same age. We think they would have a blast
together! Two of my favorite families! Anyways, it just hasn't been
working out. But, the moms randomly met each other while at the park
this week! Haha! It was so crazy and super cool. They both texted us
right after it happened and were laughing about how cool it was to
have met the other one. Success! I feel like a mega matchmaker
sometimes. Three. We have been teaching a less active woman who is so
hilarious!! Gosh, we just love her. She is young, single, two kids,
recently joined the church about four years ago. She has a boyfriend
who is not a member but has expressed interest in learning about the
church. She is terrified of telling him more about the church...it is
kind of funny! But, we had an awesome lesson with her this week and
really helped her to feel the spirit and recognize that that is what
she wants to share with him! So we committed her to talking to him
about it and to stop being afraid of him saying no. Miracle was, they
talked about it and he said, "I want to do this, can't you see I'm
ready to learn?" Yay! We are planning to teach them tonight! Four.
Phyllis, the woman we are teaching, had the best lesson ever on
Saturday! Ahh, it was so perfect. This woman is one of the most
faithful people I have met in my entire life. She cannot wait to learn
about commandments because she cannot wait to start living them
because she KNOWS without a doubt that she will be blessed from living
this way. I admire her so much and have learned so much from her! She
set her date for her baptism on September 27! Right after she decided
that, she looked at us and said "can you guys come, do you think you
could make it?" Haha, uh I don't know what would possibly keep us from
coming!! I am so happy for her. She was at church on Sunday and the
topic was on home teaching. After sacrament she was so excited about
having a home teacher come and teach her every month, then we told her
about a visiting teacher that would come too! She was so excited! I
don't know of any other church that is so involved in their members
lives. Phyllis will always have someone looking out for her, someone
to contact when she is in need. She will have friends, better friends
than she has ever had in her whole life. She is so happy about it and
I am so happy for her! Five. We found the most beautiful view in our
area this week - well one of them. It is on top of Pete's Mountain
Road. This road has some of the largest mansions ever with gorgeous
views! It made my heart so happy to be up there and looking out over
the area! I sure do feel blessed to live on such a beautiful planet.
Life is lovely!

Well, we are playing volleyball in the sand courts again this week for
pday. Third week in a row and for 4 hours straight each time! It is SO
fun. Love it! Today the whole zone is going to get together for it.
Should be fun. This week is already the last one of this transfer.
Geez, I've already been in Willamette for an entire transfer! I am
pretty sure I will stay, but who knows now with President Ballard's
style...way different than President Morby! We'll see!

Well love you tons and tons!

Xoxoxo <3 Sister Kerr

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