Thursday, September 25, 2014

That was unexpected!

Hello, family. I am emailing on Tuesday this week because of dang transfers! Sister Olsen and I were positive that we would be staying together because we had both only been in the ward for 6 weeks and had only been companions for that short time. But, President Ballard wants to make sure to remind us that we are not forgotten by him and get us moved right along. Sister Olsen was transferred. I am still serving in the Willamette Ward with Sister Jensen now. I cannot keep my companions straight now. Goodness, I've had Benson, Olsen and Jensen within the last 3 months now! I can't keep their names straight. Sister Jensen is another cutie! She is from Alpine, Utah and has been serving for a little under a year now. She just came from the Hazeldale Ward where I served last Christmas! Fun little connection.

Highlight from this past week. We had our mission tour that happens about once a year! Elder Johnson from the quorum of the Seventy came to speak to us. He and his wife met in a small town in Idaho while she was working in a little restaurant there. Could it be...why, yes of course it was the Frostop! Haha, I do not know how all roads, ALL of them, lead to Ashton! His address to the Oregon Portland Mission was phenomenal though. I truly loved it! We talked a lot about our purpose as missionaries being to strengthen and bring others unto Christ. ALL others, members and non-members. Active and not active members too! He promised that as we focus our efforts on strengthening the ward members we serve with, we will find more opportunities to teach. He encouraged us to do that! I am excited to work with the ward members more than ever before! He also talked a lot about loving the Savior and how we need to earn the right to love Him. We cannot just love someone that we do not put effort into knowing or strive to develop a relationship with. It really made me ponder, Do I know Jesus Christ well enough to claim that love for Him? It was a great meeting and I encourage each of you to ponder that question as well! And this question as well, What can you do to earn that right, how can you come to know Him better?

I am a little short on both words and thoughts today...Haha! Not a whole ton happened this week that I can think into make interesting to read about. So I will spare the time! 

I really am excited about the Book of Mormon challenge that Daddy issued! Can't wait! I love you tons and tons. I hope you're all doing it too! 

{Mt. Hood}


{Phyllis our investigator}

{Food Pantry we volunteered at, gathered 962 lbs!}

{Lindsay's baptism!} 

{Sister Jensen and I}

xoxox, Sister Kerr <3

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